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Sun Spray

Sun Spray

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Sun Spray is your go-to for sun kissed surfer look, no beach required. Our enhanced formula effortlessly adds natural blonde highlights into all hair types. In just a few sprays, you'll enjoy natural looking blonde highlights from just a little bit of time in the sun.

Key Features:

☀️ Effortless Sun-Kissed Highlights: Effortlessly achieve that golden, sunlit glow.

🌊 Enhanced Blonde Magic:Blends seamlessly with your hair for a sun-kissed effect.

🌞 Hair Type Versatility: Perfect for straight, wavy, or curly locks.

💫 100ml of Sunshine: More highlights, more often.

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The surf spray is specifically designed for creating surfer curls providing a medium to strong hold, as well as a matte finish, to help create and maintain the textured, tousled look of surfer curls.


United States- 5-15 business days

International- 10-20 business days


100ML- Perfect for traveling


Here is a general guideline for when to apply this type of hair spray:

1) Before styling: The hair spray can be applied to damp or dry hair. This will help to provide hold and enhance the texture of the curls as you style.

2) After styling: Once the curls have been created, the hair spray can be applied to lock in the style and prevent frizz or loss of shape throughout the day. When applying after styling, you want to spray the hair evenly and make sure not to overdo it, as too much hair spray can make the hair crunchy or stiff.

Main ingredients

Sea salt, magnesium sulfate, macademia seed oil, copolymer, water, castor oil